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2704 Southeast 66th Avenue
Portland, OR, 97206
United States

Handmade jewelry from Portland, OR.

Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

It is in the nature of silver and brass to tarnish over time. Although it can be polished back to it’s original state, we encourage you to embrace the “living finish” of the metal.

If you prefer, you can gently rub the jewelry with a polishing cloth or wash it with baking soda and water to restore its original finish. Please note that Oxidized/Black metals will lose their finish if polished or scrubbed. If necessary, contact us for re-finishing and re-oxidation.

Remove jewelry before showering and avoid using lotions or hairsprays while wearing your Natalie Joy jewelry. It is best to store them in a sealed plastic bag when they aren’t being worn.

All Natalie Joy pieces are handmade. Although we put a lot of emphasis on the craft and quality of our product, each piece should be handled and stored with care to ensure its longevity.